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Why binge-watching tv can affect your health worst?

November 24, 2017

Are you feeling very happy that you have used your entire weekend watching the whole season of Ozark in a record breaking time? Well! Sometimes it becomes very hard to stop ourselves from watching television because our brain keeps on saying “just one more, cmon”.

Watching one after the other episode of tv in one sitting is called binge-watching.This way we keep on seeing endless episodes of some particular show for long hours.

A few years down the line we had to wait for a really long time, say for a week or so to watch the next episode but now a day with on-demand services like Netflix and Amazon prime we can see anything whenever we want.

But recent study, shows that this behavior of binge-watching tv for a long time can have high impact on our health.

People skip their sleep for watching television.They just can’t resist themselves from watching tv and end up missing their sleep.

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Some major consequences of binge-watching tv are discussed below-

  • Increased risk of diabetes-

Diabetes is major ailment that leads to dietary restrictions. Your sedentary behavior is a major reason for developing diabetes. Researchers have warned that with every hour of binge-watching tv, the risk of diabetes increases by 3.4 percent.


  • Addiction of television-

Like food addiction,drug addiction, binge-watching tv can make you addicted to television. Researchers say what happens to the binge watchers is that at the end of each show their brain releases stress hormone,that urges them to see the next episode. Finally, they end up watching soaps for a long hour.This behavior develops addiction which put negative impacts on relationships,health.


  • Develops depression and anxiety-

Binge-watching makes people spend long time at home instead of going outside and meeting friends and people. Slowly what happens is that they detach from people thus compromise their social life.This loneliness develops depression and anxiety and affects mental health.


  • Decreasing self-control-

Long time ago,we had to wait patiently for one whole week to watch the next episodes.Now a days, the show creators work so fast and release episodes very quickly.
On demand services like Netflix telecast all the episodes simultaneously,that creates binge-watching.For this reason,self-control in humans is decreasing.


  • Retraining your brain negatively-

Do you forget bringing important grocery items from store or are you not able to recollect the names of the people you met sometime back? Thanks to your recent behavior of binge-watching tv which has left you in this condition.Watching television for long time can distract you and rewire your brain.


  • Developing obesity-

Watching episodes after episodes for long time makes a person obese. Eating and then only sitting in front of tv without any physical activities develops your belly fat. Obese people have more chances of heart problems than fit people.

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However, considering all these impacts, it doesn’t mean that we should grow alien towards technology, but we should utilize it within limits without stress. So, it is always better to think how to spend the time effectively and live a happier and fuller life.


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