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Did you know snoring problems in kids can lead to obesity?

December 1, 2017

Obesity is now-a-days a common problem worldwide.According, to Centre for Disease Control, obesity is a body mass index greater than 95 percentiles for age, which is calculated by measuring height and weight.

A good night sleep does a lot more thing than only recharging a growing brain.

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Recent research says,it helps in keeping a body lean.Some problems like breathing problem or lack of proper sleep can increase the risk of child being obese by age of 15. Children with snoring problems are at higher risk of developing higher body fat mass and obesity either in late childhood or adolescence. Snoring occurs when the upper airway closes intermittently at night that results in disruption of sleep. Not only sleep,but also lack of proper nutrition and exercise also leads to obesity,which in turn results in high risk of diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.

Obesity is linked with obstructive sleep apnea(OSA), which is a very common and potential sleep disorder,whose main symptom is snoring and difficulty breathing.About 5-10% of children in the age group of 8-10 years old are affected by OSA.

obese kid sleeping and snoring

Recent studies shows that there is a bidirectional relationship between snoring and body weight,which means if one condition increases, the other also increases.According to Mantzoros, Director of Human Nutrition Unit in the division of Endocrinology,Diabetes and Metabolism at BIDMC,excessive body weight and child snoring both are predictive of each other that creates a vicious metabolic cycle.

According to some scientists, snoring problems and obesity are linked up because children with disturbed sleep are always tired and will eat more,which in turn leads to obesity.It may be also due to some hormones regulating the appetite.Then some research team suggested that poor quality sleep or sleeping less hours leads to stress in the body,which in turn causes inflammation.

Different assumptions that are made to link snoring with obesity are-

  • Most of the children with obesity are suffering from OSA and most of them with OSA snore. It may be because of the smaller upper airways that collapses or may be because of the fat in the belly that pushes the lungs and make the upper airways smaller.
  • Obese children suffer from drop in oxygen level, that leads to disturbed sleep pattern and breathing problems along with snoring.
  • Most of the obese children have fat deposition in the neck area,that compresses the upper respiratory area,thus leading to snoring.
  • In some of the obese children, the tonsils become enlarged due to deposition of fatty tissues in the upper airway thus causing loud sounds while snoring.

Although,it is one of the dominant problem worldwide but the good news is that it is treatable.When treated in a right way, it leads to better school performance among children with improved mind.

Also, then all obesity related problems like hypertension, high cholesterol and pre-diabetes can be avoided.

So, if your child is suffering with snoring problems and is overweight, then it’s time to see a pediatrician.

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