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4 smart ways to get rid of your child’s smartphone addiction

December 18, 2017

We are living in a technology-leading era.It is ofcourse a blessing,that is driving all mankind into a very bright future. But as we know every coin has two sides, likewise this advanced technology is also a curse. Although, undoubtedly, it has made our lives easier but on the other side, it has also made us very much dependent on it.

It is changing everything; the way we live,our behavior, and also our thinking. And the effect is almost double on our children. Research says that children are using technology four to five times more than recommended amount, which is leading to serious and sometimes life-threatening consequences.

One of the most interesting thing technology has gifted us is smartphone. Everybody,starting from a small kid to an elderly person, has become highly addicted to this device.

When we give our children smartphones and let them use it for more than recommended time,they become highly addicted to it.

This smartphone addiction is causing many problems like-

  • Destroying parent-child relationship
  • Disturbing their sleeping time
  • Affecting their ability to concentrate.
  • Developing mental illness
  • Leading to obesity

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Smartphone addiction if not taken care of at the right time, can prove to be suicidal in the later stages. Check out how too much of smartphone usage is suicidal

You surely wouldn’t want to reach that stage, right?

So here are some smart innovative ways you can control your child’s smartphone addiction:


  1. Saying No to Smartphones

When your kids ask for your smartphones,deny them with a “NO”. But don’t deny by being hateful. You can make your child understand in a very pleasant but confident way. Talk to them about how dangerous can a smartphone addiction be. Tell them to explore other nice ways to spend time like playing, reading etc.

parenting, parents scolding, parents saying no to children


  1. Limit their usage time

When you give your child smartphones, put a limit on the time they can use and stick to that routine always.Like every day for 30 min,or only one episode of their favorite cartoon. And don’t expect from your child to come from him side and handover the phone to you. You are the one to enforce them to stop using after the time is over.

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  1. Be an example setter for your children

It is a common fact that children always follow their parents. So,if you want to cut down your child’s smartphone addiction,then first of all you have to limit your own screen time.Once you are at home with your children keep the phone away from you. Always try not to look on your phone while you are having quality time with your children. At home set certain time to check your phone and set phone free zones. During meal time or sleep time you should not stick to your phone.This step is beneficial both for parents as well as children.


  1. Diverting their mind

To overcome your child’s smartphone addiction,you have to show them that life is more enjoyable without the than digital world. Take them outside for playing,walking, exercising or meeting friends.Make them understand that spending time with family and friends is more important than spending time on a smartphone. Tell your children that playing a virtual game in smartphone is of no use,rather they can benefit themselves by playing with friends outside.

cellphone addiction in children


So.always try to relieve your children smartphone addiction and let them experience the actual joy of life.


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