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4 reasons why sleeping at the right time is important?

December 8, 2017

Today’s hectic and busy schedule has left many of us in sleep debt and made us forget what being truly rested feels like.

As we all know, sleep plays an important role in keeping your body healthy throughout your life.Getting a right amount of sleep helps a lot in protecting your mental health,physical health and also the quality of life.This is not only the case of adults, but also in children. It helps in proper growth and development.The feeling you get while you are awake depends a lot on your sleep.


When you are sleep deficit, it may lead you to many chronic health problems,affects your work,studies and your social life as well. In addition, time also plays a vital role in every work we do in our life. Therefore, for getting a healthy life, sleeping at the right time also plays a vital role to get the right amount of energy your body needs.

Sleeping time changes with age,like in case of children, they become tired faster than adults and tend to sleep early.However, there is always an ideal bedtime for everybody for getting a healthy sleep.

Reasons why sleeping at right time is so important.

  1. To get a proper and complete sleep

The time of the night when everybody sleeps, has a significant effect on the structure and quality of sleep. Sleeping at the right time is more important to get a proper sleep.There is a particular time range when you should sleep for a perfect night sleep.

According to some expert,the earlier we sleep,the better it is.

Every hour of sleep before midnight is better than after midnight.As our sleep cycle is composed of series of 90 min cycle in which brain moves from deep non-rapid eye movement(REM) to rapid eye movement (REM) sleep.This goes on throughout the night.In the early part of the night non-REM sleep is more dominant and towards morning REM sleep pattern becomes dominant.Non-REM sleeps are more deep and undisturbed than REM sleep.This shifting from non-REM to REM patterns occurs at a certain time of the night irrespective of what time you go to bed. So, if we don’t go to the bed early,we miss the non-REM or deep sleep hours,leaving us restless and sleep deficit.

  1. Sleeping at wrong time is linked to various health problem

If we don’t sleep at the right time,we will not get the exact amount of sleep we need,thus leading to various health problems like obesity,low brain power,concentration problems, memory weakness and many more health issues.Some expert says, sleeping in wrong time is also linked to higher rate of early death.

  1. Bad effects on your body rhythms

Everyone body has a body and brain circadian rhythms, that regulates everything starting from sleeping patterns to hunger and energy levels.This rhythms advises the brain when to adapt which cycle.So,if we will try to exchange or replace it,then it is surely going to affect our health.


  1. Irregular timings can cause bedtime challenging

Following a certain timing for sleep every day is also important.Because changing your sleep timing every other day can disturb your brain rhythms,which ultimately affects your quality of sleep and makes your bedtime quite challenging.


Therefore, for a healthy life, along with a balanced diet, it is important that you’re sleeping at the right time as well.

Every day we should follow a particular time for every work we do like eating, sleeping, exercising,playing,studying,working etc.

It’s all about finding a proper balance, because no life is better than a disciplined life.The more discipline we are,the more happier and healthier we are.


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