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excess smartphone usage can be suicidal_wayronica

How too much of smartphone usage can prove to be suicidal

November 22, 2017

Popularity of smartphone is not surprising!

smartphone addiction_wayronica


This little device not just helps us to stay connected, but also well-regulated and entertained. They can trace our everyday activities,keep an eye on our shopping list,our spending,travel plans and many other things.
Our need for alarm clocks,address books,cameras has vanished thanks to this mini computers in our hands.

But it too has its own downside.

With world becoming more and more digital, addiction of smartphone and smartphone usage has become an actual problem.Prolonged use of smartphone and computers are increasing the risk of depression and suicide related behaviors among all.
People nowadays are more comfortable remaining online than partying out.Addiction to this is so high that they cannot keep their eyes off from the phone while driving,taking shower and some extremely private moments.

College students are spending more time with their smartphones by sending messages,surfing internet.The time they spent with their phone is more than they spend with their friends.Such is the addiction that they cannot go even 60 min without checking their phone.Real life is getting lost day by day.

social media addiction_wayronica


Experts say that our brains get a hit of dopamine and serotonin every time our phone makes a beep.These are the same chemicals that gives druggist their high!Smartphone usage addiction has come to such a  level that it is compared to drug addiction.Like drug addiction, smartphone addiction withdrawal is painful and often comes with many complications.

A recent study revealed that when some people were asked to avoid their cell phones for 24 hours also, majority of them suffered from mental and physical disturbances, confusion, isolation while some even failed to remain away from their phone for 24 hours.

Regular smartphones usage is causing many health problems like headache, migraine etc.It is causing anxiety and depressions in some people due to expectation for updates from social media, friends interaction, chatting.

Not only that but due to the convenience, they makes us available. 24*7. Now what that leads to its that even after leaving office, emails continue to push, then there are always calls, messages, social media notifications. There are no such zones like family zone, friends zone. It is like everywhere, everybody is available.

smartphone addiction_wayronica


Too much of smartphone usage adversely affects mental health.Research shows that teens who are spending five or more hours online are have 70 % more chance of suicidal thoughts than who spend two hours a day. This is because teens who are in depression, when they spend more time in smartphones, don’t get any time to interact with others. Then a stage is reached, where they don’t find any solution to their problems and think of ending their life.

Cyberbullying is also another factor that is responsible for depression and suicides among active smartphone users. Some people are ending their life because of the constant harassment they suffer in form of texts, on apps like Snapchat, Instagram.

Its good to move ahead along with technology but addiction to anything can be really bad. So in order to keep the depression symptoms and suicidal thoughts away, we need to start spending time away from this little device and initiate more social interaction, engage the body in some sort of exercise, be it sports, yoga or any dance form. This will refresh our mind and keep us free from physical and mental issues.


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