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How antibiotics can be abusive for your child?

August 23, 2017
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With every change of season each year, falling sick with sore throats, cold and viruses is all normal.

Every parent admit it or not is used to seeing a doctor every time and get antibiotics in return.

Its kind of weird to see how parents sometimes get pissed for not receiving a list of medicines for treatment.

What they don’t realize is that maybe the doctor is doing real good by not letting his pen reach the prescription pad.

Wonder why I say so?

Well, antibiotics initially would seem to be the best saviour to mankind but honestly over consumption of antibiotics lead to development of resistance bacteria that gradually stops responding to antibiotics that may have worked in the past.

Along with that, you always have the risk of getting encountered by the side-effects like stomach pain, diarrhoea and various allergies.



How excessive antibiotics can be abusive?

  1. Bacterial resistance of antibiotic resistance-

Overdose of antibiotics can cause bacteria or other microbes to change and as a result of which antibiotics won’t work on them.

Now to get these bacterial resistance treated, one requires a even high dose of medicine.

This is one of the most common problems.

Bacteria that were once highly responsive have now become resistive of even the most powerful antibiotics available.



  1. Diarrhea-

Overdose of antibiotics can lead to killing of different bacteria, sometimes good bacteria which are responsible for keeping the good health of the body.

Sometimes due to the lack of presence of the good bacteria, it can also lead to diarrhea.


  1. Serious Infections-

In some cases it is observed that due to the increase of the bad bacteria, the body may catch some serious infections.


So how do you deal with your child’s sickness?


  1. Visit the doctor-

Even if the illness may seem to be mild but try visiting the doctor.

Although we all try being the doctors ourselves but taking your child to the doctor is essential.
Now you may wonder why consult a doctor if its all mild and low?

Its important for the doctor to diagnose it well and in case the illness seems mild enough, the doctor would ask you to not take any antibiotics which may help in preventing the antibiotic resistance stated above.

Sometimes heeling the natural way also seems to be healthy for the body so its important for the doctor to diagnose it well and then take the case forward.


  1. Be open to advises-

Sometimes walking away from antibiotic medication also seems to be a better option.

Hence it is advised that you be open to what others share.
Don’t just stress on taking antibiotics every now and then. Its important that you discuss the illness with your doctor or elders and try taking the natural way instead of medication.

Its important that you realize that antibiotics work the best if you take the complete cycle of medicine. It doesn’t show amazing results with just one dose so instead of forcing your child for a 3-5 day medication, it is better you find the natural ways or ayurvedic ways of treatment to help your child not face the repercussions of antibiotics.

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