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Does getting a tattoo really affect your workouts?

July 27, 2017
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If I asked you to name some fashion trend which is ever green and doesn’t seem to fade away but instead is ever growing what would that be?

Tattoo it is.

Years after year, we see the tattoo fever rising just like the global warming.

Well, the comparison was random enough, but the common point between both of them is that both aren’t too good for us.

If you’re someone who’s just aiming for another tattoo or maybe the one who recently got way too fascinated by the trend of tattoos, then this article is just for you!

Recent study by the US National Center for Biotechnology Information published a research on how tattoos affect your sweat pattern and hence your workout!

The main purpose of this was to study the sweat rate and the concentration of Sodium in sweat of a tattooed person versus a non tattooed one.

The experiment was done on 10 men, which had equal amount of tattooed and non tattooed area on the body. Like for example, if there was a tattoo on one side of the shoulder, then equal amount of non tattooed skin was taken for experiment ie the other shoulder with no tattoo on the skin.

The researchers then applied a chemical which was mainly responsible for sweating on both the patches on the skin and connected it with a spiral shaped disc which was used to collect the perspiration.

Any guesses about the results?

It was observed that the perspiration from the tattooed region was comparatively low as compared to the non tattooed region.
Also, the sodium content in the sweat was twice in the tattooed region as compared to the non tattooed region.

Now, lets examine the reason for this change?

Doctors said that the major change in the shift patterns of swear were basically due to the permanent changes in the skin after tattooing.

It is observed that the remaining bits of dye used in the tattoo tend to block the sweat glands hence resulting in less amount of sweat.

And for more amount of Sodium in the sweat, they say lingering inflammatory cells change the chemical environment within that area of the skin in ways that slow the response of the glands and affect how much sodium is incorporated from nearby cells into the sweat.

Now many of us would sweat thinking that due of their tattoos, they don’t sweat much! 😛

Well to be honest sweating is the mode of cooling one’s body so sweating during workouts is probably the most essential thing for any athlete.

So does that mean that one shouldn’t indulge in the trend of getting your body inked?

The answer is quite simple, try avoiding it as much as you can. Apart from the sweat disasters, tattoos in general too affect your health and skin. But if you really want to get yourself dyed, then try keeping the patches small enough.

How would that be helpful?

Doctors suggest that in situation where the person loses its sweat gland because of an affected area or skin burns, its not that the body doesn’t sweat! It tries to compensate!


I hope the article helped you get a better vision of what’s best for you. DOn’t forget to share your feed backs as I love hearing from you all.

For more such articles, stay tuned!

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