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Green tea for hair loss; the complete guide!

If you are already a fan of green tea for your weight loss, you'd love it more for curing your hair loss too. Explore how green tea helps prevent hair loss.

4 reasons why sleeping at the right time is important

With odd hours of working, what most of us skip is our proper sound sleep. Know why sleeping at the right time is important to maintain health.

How to keep warm in winters; don't miss the 4th one!

With the fall in temperature, here are some of the tips and tricks you can't miss to skip to keep yourself and your loved ones warm during winters.

Is smoking e-cigarettes during pregnancy safe?

With the Do's and Dont's list during pregnancy, if you're a regular smoker as well, here's why you should quit smoking e-cigarettes during pregnancy.

Why binge-watching tv can affect your health worse?

Find an episode of a series interesting much?Let's go ahead and watch the complete series at one stretch! sounds familiar? Read why binge-watching tv is bad

Can the glam world motivate you to be fit?

Can your favourite celebrities from the glam world motivate you to be fit? Check out how you too can achieve one of those fit bodies right here.

7 habits to prepare your body for a good workout

Taking care of your body isn't a day's job but a continuous effort. Here are some habits to prepare your body for a good workout, check them out!

Simple tricks to reuse old clothes & recreate new Diwali dress

Struggling with budget and wishing for a new Diwali dress? Here's how you can recreate new looks with old clothes itself. Check it out.

Facts and dishes to help you lead a healthy Navratri

End up gaining weight every navratri? This year we've got some really healthy facts and dishes right up for you to stay healthy during the festival.

You haven't seen this Emmy Awards 2017 winner list on buzzfeed

With so much of buzz around the Emmy awards 2017, here's a complete sum up for all those who couldn't watch the live telecast. Know more!

5 ways which will enable heavy lifting in gyms

Wish to lift heavy weights in the gym? But think you're inefficient? Read here and follow these simple tips to boost your strength.

Top 10 medical benefits of fasting for you

Aiming for a healthy lifestyle? Don't eat less, try going on regular fasts! Know how fasting is beneficial for your body here.

How to get freedom from your sugar addiction

Know why saying good bye to all those midnight cravings, sugar addiction is necessary for a healthier and better life. Read here.

For all the alcohol fans, know the whiskey benefits for skin

Excess of alcohols like whiskey is bad but a little of it, won't harm any. Know some easy ways to reap whiskey benefits for skin here.

Effects of parent alcoholism on children

Most of the times parents interpret parent alcoholism as being ineffective to the children but the reality isnt true. Know here how it affects the children.

How antibiotics can be abusive for your child?

While we all try being a doctor ourselves when our child falls sick and take the route of antibiotics, what if you figure them to be abusive for your child?

Its time you know how your headache tricks you?

We often misinterpret all sorts of headaches as the similar ones. Read more to know what causes different forms of headaches and how too cure them.

Easy and effortless ways to weight loss

Sick of trying endless exercise and diet regimes? What if achieving weight loss was as easy as quitting watching TV during the meals? Read here to know how?

Does exercise for weight loss for obese work?

Most of the people link obesity a result of not working out. But seriously, is engaging in some activity your savior from obesity? Know here with us.

Redefine fitness with some of the healthiest fruits

Its time to make a switch back to the consuming vitamins and minerals in the natural forms than running after supplements.Read more to know how.

Breastfeeding in public: why is it treated with so much disgust?

Breastfeeding is a normal act until women conduct it at their homes. When it is done in public, it becomes disgusting. Why?

Weight loss made easy with Burpees!

Tired of trying endless exercises for weight loss and still deprived of the desirable results? Learn more about the king of all exercises- Burpees here!

Does getting a tattoo really affect your workout?

By know, we all know that getting a tattoo inked on your body affects your skin. But what if it also affected your workout? Read to know how!

Teenage parenting: Hide it or Reveal it?

A number or teenage girls face this dilemma each day but not many are able to tackle teenage parenting with grace! Read here to know what's best for you.

Tour De France: More than just an event!

With the greatest cycling event of 2017 coming to an end, here are some quick picks that you need to know for a fitter you.

How to teach your children to eat healthy

Right from day 1 of motherhood to lifetime, every mother aims that their children eat healthy food and stay fit. Here are some tips for you.

4 smart ways to get rid off your child's smartphone addiction

With increasing innovations, smartphone usage is also increasing from adults to kids.Check out some smart ways to overcome smartphone addiction here.

Are sugar free tablets good for health?

Thinking about weight loss or getting over your sugar addiction?Adapt to sugar free tablets! But do you think that they are really safe?Know here.

Did you know snoring problem in kids can lead to obesity?

Obesity in children is a very common problem. While there are various factors linked to it, recent studies say that snoring problems also add to obesity.

How too much of smartphone usage can prove to be suicidal

If you and your loved ones are addicted to your phones, its time to take a note of your smartphone usage as its proving to be suicidal.

Unique ways to refresh men's styling for office

Switching job surely isn't as easy as going through a self makeover. Check out different ways of men's styling for office here.

7 reasons why playing sports is important for your kids

Want a bright future of your kids? Then don't just force them to study. Playing sports is also an important part of the development of the kid. Know how?

Side Effects of drinking too much tea

The next time you order a cup of tea, think twice. Read this article to know what drinking too much tea can lead to and how it can be avoided.

What are the guava leaves benefits for hair?

You might have tried various medications,shampoos and conditions but know here one simple natural remedy for hair loss.

How to boost the benefits of green tea during weight loss?

Swearing by green tea during weight loss is nothing surprising. But did you know, you could boost the effect of green tea by having it as the right time?

Does sweating detoxify your body and help remove toxins?

Most of us feel that if we sweat more, more toxins get removed from our body. Does it really work that way? Read more to know the reality.

Do Instagram posts of your favorite actor really motivate you to workout?

Our favorite actors really motivate you to push yourself to workout regimes. Then why is it that most of us fail? Let's try finding out the reasons here.

A glass of Wine a day: Have it or Avoid it?

The more you think of wine, the more you crave for it. Read more to know the complete benefits and harms of consumption of wine..

Is it too early or late to achieve success in life?

What keeps pushing you back from following our ambitions? Is it the self doubt or you think its too early or late.....

Women's Health: A Real concern on The World Population Day

We bet, the next time you think about Women's health and safety, you'd get reminded of these countries...

Easy home exercises to cut down Post Festive Calories

Festive season and weight gain come hand in hand! All we need post them is the ultimate killer to those post festive calories. Here's the solution for it.

How to boost your treadmill workout in the gym

The secret to effective treadmill workout is revealed....

Never too old for bicycle

Feel like an oldie to ride bicycles? When did age set bars? Know the healthy facts and gear up to pedal your way to fitness!

Meditation and Sleep; Similar yet Different!

You know you're adulting when you aren't able to devote 6-8 hours to sleep everyday. So what do you then?

Traits only a true chocolate lover can relate to!

How about glancing World's Chocolate Day from a true chocolate lovers eye?

Secret to Tone Calves Is Now Revealed!

Who does ever want to face the embarrassment of lose calf muscles?Reveal the secret to fabulous calves here.

Obesity: Act before its too late!

If you're ignoring obesity now, be prepared for a worse future ahead. Read more what effects can it lead to if not treated at the earliest.

How about some white rice for weight loss?

If you think white rice isn't healthy then here are some reasons why you should be crushing over it all over again.

Cancer Screening: Your guide to be a better judge

While the word Cancer freaks us out, the word Cancer Screening seems to give some relief. Equip yourself completely with the harms and benefits of it.

Did you just say "FOOD"?

Relationship status? Committed to food.

Who's your Gym Partner?

Mantra to burning calories in an effortless way!

Gym memes which you can relate to

Funny Gym Memes you cant skip to miss...

Weird wedding dresses that will freak you out!

We bet you'd be careful with every word you utter after going through this!

Think about weight loss? How about some cool Mocktail?

What if someone told you that achieving weight loss was as easy as drinking a mock tail? Know more about this super amazing drink to fitness.

Snacking Post Swimming

Burn calories even without sweating!